Internet casino software development

An overview of the history of online gambling applications, the emergence of non-downloadable casino software, and why instant gaming casinos meet the needs of today’s gamers.

The growing popularity of online casinos undoubtedly shows that this exciting activity is also a thriving business area, and where hi-tech and money are involved, you can bet on innovations and surprises. The development phase of casino software is naturally related to the development of technology both on the software vendor side and at the end of the user. In this brief but interesting history of Internet casino software, we explore how the development of casino software without hardware downloads – the industry’s official dark horse – has proven to be a winning competition for the heart of online gamers and the computer screen.

Evolution game software

The development of casino software can be classified into four main stages. In the beginning, there was low-quality downloadable software that took more than three hours to download, offering a small selection of games and poor graphics. The non-downloadable software available at the time was not much better. Then the breakthrough gives downloadable software an advantage: the software is also shared – a lightweight installation package that downloads quickly, and a game package from which players can choose to download specific games. Thanks to these methods and general technical improvements, the  casino bonus is  constantly evolving.

The growing popularity of online casinos has naturally led to an increase in casino software development. The motivation of the first software developer was to take over as much market share as possible before the word accelerated and the entry of new competitors would increase the cost of the players acquired. This attraction prompted investors – some of whom are unfamiliar with Internet technology – to invest their money in two main goals: improving downloadable casino software and creating a non-downloadable casino app. In the third phase, the development of the download casino was very successful. Download speed, graphics, gameplay and most of all the gaming experience have improved dramatically. This has further increased the number of players and the popularity of online gambling.

Live dealer online casino games

In the past, the resources required to use the instant game casino software (downloading graphics, communicating with casino servers, etc.) exceeded the capabilities of ISPs. As a result, non-downloadable software can last forever, and in most cases, you shouldn’t wait for it. To make matters worse, every time a player closes a casino window, they have to start the whole process from the beginning to play again. Nevertheless, this problem has been solved in recent years, and this is the fourth and current stage of development.

Today, the average customer base of ISPs and casino operators enjoys faster connections, powerful processors, and sustainable operating systems — and these factors contributed to the emergence of instant game casino software. Now players can start playing in less than a minute; communication with the casino servers, and thus the game, runs smoothly. Since 2005, in addition to companies specializing in advanced flash software such as FutureBet, major software developers Microgaming and Playtech and others have released instant games.

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