Judo To Become The Next Biggest Sport In Online Betting


The world of online sports betting continues to evolve and the laws are making bookies legal in more countries and states in recent years. With that in mind, we’ve seen a number of online sports betting sites appear and while football and horse racing are among the most popular sports we can bet on, we see a new diversified market of bettors and this could potentially appeal to the judo market.

Renowned online sports betting websites take judo as an option and here we predict that sports will be the next big sport to bet on in the online gambling industry.

About the sport

Judo seems to be the ideal sport to bet on. Its intense, you get full view of the body contact sports and the athletes are talented and can be easily measured to see who will win if against the other (see rise of Worldwide Online Gambling & Betting Market ). Although Judo is classified as a martial arts, it differs from others, which are also classified in the fight. In the Olympics, the level is tight and unpredictable things happen, but there will be more options to bet on.

The history

The history of the sport only adds to the attractiveness of betting on it. Judo is based on the values ​​of Jigoro Kano. The athletes show great honor, stamina, respect and self-control, which only adds value as an Olympic sport and the importance of the Olympic calendar.

The rules

Judo has its own unique rules and regulations that makes the sport more conservative and rigorous than others in the same class, but still develops and changed direction to stay independent and different than other martial arts. The men and women participating in a match must abide by these rules, which, if ignored, can deliver Hansokumake. Judo will become a popular sport in the betting industry and that’s why it gets so big with IJF’s massive online presence on social media and many websites reporting on the stars in judo.

The types of judo betting

While judo may not be available on sports betting sites, the big games are played on notorious sites. These are the types of bets you can expect if you want to place your own bets.

Betting on the game – This is the most common form of betting. You bet on how you think the game is going down.

Outright Winner – For these bets, bettors must choose who they think is the game. If you have a lot of knowledge about the rules and you know both the favorite and the underdog, this is the kind of bet you want to make, since it’s tailored for professional bettors that are hard to predict. See 5 Reasons Why More EU Policy Would Benefit Online Gamblers.

Betting on the Top 3 – As the name implies, this bet requires gamblers to predict which athletes will rank at the top.

In a judo betting site you will find a betting tab on every athlete to see his stats when it comes to head2heads and their annual performance. Read more on World Judo Championships 2019.